Make sure that you are entering the username and password EXACTLY as provided. Respect lower and UPPER cases, if you are using copy and paste then don't include empty spaces before or after the username or password. Including an empty space or a single wrong character will lead being refused access to the member area. If you still can't enter the member area and you are absolutely sure that you entered the login correctly, check if your transaction was canceled. In such a case it means that your bank refused the final transaction and you have to signup again.



The URL to the member area is displayed on the checkout page. If you miss it, you can still recover it from the support area located at billing index page and entering your username and password.

However, we still get numerous complaints from peoples unable to find the member areas. Overthe years, numerous peoples got the bad habit to load Google or a similar search engine as the homepage when opening the web browser. Instead of writing the site URL in the address bar of the browser, they write the site URL as search string in the search field of the search engine. The result is: search engines don't know the URL's of our sites because they are not referenced (and this is good so). Therefore: WRITE THE URL OF THE MEMBER AREA IN THE ADDRESS BAR OF YOUR BROWSER, not as a search string to search engines! Also strictly respect to write https (emphasizing the s of https) indicating a secure connection to the member area. If a member area uses https, it won't work as http. All you have to do is simply respect the URL's provided to you that includes http or https.



Please only request support using your login to the site concerned by your request. We have a smart system that knows to whom forward the request based on your login. If you would use a login that doesn't belong to your request, it would be forwarded to another operator that couldn't help you to fix your issue.



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